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Antoine de Saint ~ Exupery


(1900 – 1944, France)

~ Antoine de saint Exupery was born on 29th June, 1900 in Marseille, France.

~ As a young adult he failed his examination at a university preparatory school so he enrolled himself at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts to study architecture

~ He tried to join the Navy but could not, so he started off as a mechanic at the French Air Force in Strasbourg

~ As he could never become a real air force pilot, he took an office job and started writing his graphic novels

~ While he was on a low point in his life being extremely poor, he managed to write The Little Prince and The Wisdom of the Sands to share his love for the desert.

~ In 1929 he flew to South Africa and wrote a story called Night Flight, this book became an international bestseller. It won the award Prix Femina.

~ He disappeared on July 1944 when he was on a flight from the Mediterranean to France, he had a duty to reconnaissance, but never appeared again so he is thought to have died then.


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