Unit 1: Book Art (Project 2)


How did you develop your idea for your sculpture? (What was your starting point? What challenges did you face? How did your ideas change?)

My idea first came to me when I read the book title. The title and black mysterious cover told me I need to include a symbol that represents secrets. That was my main build off idea. But I also wanted to continue the books style by adding a city and a night sky. This carries on from the cover page. Some challenges I faced was the cutting of the pages. It was hard to cut out a lock from the pages so I decided to include that separately. My ideas needed to change by printing out a city skyline as the time did not allow me to carve the city.

What was the most crucial step or major turning point in making your sculpture?

When I realised I could not cut a lock out of the pages due to time constrains I had to come up with a new plan. My plan was to use extra sheets of paper as material to build the lock from scratch and then sticking it on. That was my major problem when building my project that I was able to overcome.

Do you think your sculpture is creative? Explain (Think back to our discussions on creativity: Thinking outside the box, new and personal perspectives, risk-taking and trying something different)

I think my sculpture is creative. I managed to use the books meaning to create an art form that expresses the words inside the book. In my opinion my sculpture is a sneak peak to what the book holds. I took a risk in using water color painting and it turned out great.

What are some new ways in making art that you have learned about through the 2 book projects?

Art can be anything, you can make art out of anything. No material cannot be used to make a new creation. There are endless possibilities of what someone can create. The book art technique is defiantly something I will remember.Its a new type of art that I love and have never seen before.

What is a book?

A book is most known for containing words on pages. Now I know a book can be anything you want it to be. A book can be used to create art. Before this unit I had never seen any art create using a book. Now I know what art really exists. It also inspires me that art can be made out of anything.

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