Unit 4: Pottery

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How is your pot a personal expression of your ideas? (Think about what makes your pot unique compared to others)

My pot is unique and different because of its shape. I wanted to use a another shape by not using a circular base. I changed it to an oval shape creating a different shape from the others. My pot is almost like a tea pot, but different because it has a curve. My pot is static but can be used to pour a liquid.

Is pottery still a relevant form of art today? Agree or disagree and please explain why.

I agree that pottery is still a relevant form of art today. Although people of the 21st century barely use pottery as an art form, now a days I will hear more about paintings and sketching. But I believe pottery is still alive, just a bit extinct. Now I believe we need to bring back pottery to be more relevant. Pottery is an amazing art form which is peaceful and creative.

Look at the following link about the artist, Li Lihong:


  1. What message does Lihong convey in his work? Provide an example and upload a photo of one of his works.

lihong_dg12341_copy1 lihong_dg116341 lihong_dg11929_copy1 lihong_dg12330_copy1

Li Lihong creates sculpture that acknowledges global change in the twenty-first    century. He wants to show past to future using modern items and bringing back the past.  He uses major companies logos to incorporate Chinese art. The artist was raised with an understanding of the tensions between old and new, and a balance of these influences is at the heart of his current work.


  1. Does Lihong focus more on the form or function of his sculptures? Explain how that is evident in his work.

I believe he focuses more on form because his sculptures are more to show a message then rather to have a function. In order for a sculpture to have a function it needs to have a purpose or use, like a tool. His sculptures are not used as a tool but as a visual image to show his message.

  1. Explain how you have focused more on the form or function of your piece (or perhaps both).

I think I could have focused on my form by putting more thought into it and creating a more creative or unique pot. My function is quite good as it serves its purpose as a pot to pour liquids.

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