About Awesome Authors: Gene Luen Yang

Ms. Street Allan’s Class ~ Grade 8

Jonathan Chow A5

About Awesome Authors



Gene Luen Yang

(Born August 9,1973)

~ He began making comics over 15 years ago. He started when he was in the fifth grade

~ In 2006, his book American Born Chinese was published. Later on the same book was nominated for the National Book Award

~ American Born Chinese is based on his real life, basing the stories on real life experiences

~ Famous for many other books like Boxers and Saints and The Shadow Hero

~ Helped Nickelodeon write Avatar the comic book

~ DC comics has just signed a contract with Gene Luen Yang to write a new series of Superman

~ A lot of his stories were about being bullied or being different from the white kids

~ He is careful for each comic making sure the story can be told through the pictures

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