Unit 3: Art and Design Photography Summative


In the first photo (Left) I tried to apply the rule of thirds and the rule of space. I tried to make the person in the centre and leaving space for the background on both sides. In this photo I tired to give an impression that the person was in a happy and relaxed mood. I think that for a portrait to be good most of the space needs to be used up and there needs to be colours that bring out each other. I also think the position and body language of the person is very important.

In the second photo (Middle)  I tried to use the rule of space in the direction he is looking maybe for a speech bubble kind of idea.  I tried to give an impression in this photo that he was not having the best day and is tired. I think a good portrait needs to be dynamic and needs to stand out through the person or colours.

In the third photo (Right) I tried to use the rule of space and the rule of triangle. I tried the use of the rule of space by leaving space in the direction of wear he is looking. I also tried to use the rule of triangle by positioning the person in the middle creating the triangle. The message i’m trying to show is concentration and thinking. I think for a portrait to be a good portrait is when the person or image conveys a message and the photo should look proportionally correct.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.41.58 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.42.17 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.40.19 AM



Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.24.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.28.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.29.06 PM

In the first photo (Left) I tried to use the rule of horizontal lines and space. I wanted to use diagonal lines to show a pattern through out my photo. I wanted to use the rule of space because I think in abstract photos most of the space should be used up. The message in this photo i’m trying to convey is the message of modernness. I wanted this photo to have more of a modern look and represent the dark and the light side. I think for an abstract photo to be good you need to make sure the pattern looks interesting. If it is a black and white photo you need to make sure the shadows show the pattern. I also think abstract photos should leave a question in peoples minds.

In the second photo (Middle) I tried to use the compositional rules of diagonal lines and the rule of repetition and pattern.  I tried to show diagonal lines in the middle and repetition in the squares. The mood or message i’m trying to show is darkness and thought. What is it like to be trapped and only see a bit of the outer world. I think for an abstract photo to be good it needs to show yourself. It needs to show something people will be confused or wonder about.

In the third photo (Right) I tried to use to rule of pattern and the rule of space and the rule of diagonal lines. I tried to use the rule of pattern through the wood lines. I also tried to use the rule of space by making sure every bit of the picture has something in it. I tried to use diagonal lines by positioning the camera at an angle. I tried to show in this photo the thought of sadness or reflection. The thought of reflection. I think for a good abstract photo to be good it needs to have a good message and also have lights and shadows making the image more popping.


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 6.37.42 PM  Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 8.06.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 11.21.15 AM


The first photo (Left) I tried to use the compositional rules of thirds and the rule of form. I tried to use the rule of thirds by positioning the person on the left and having objects in the other two thirds. The message i’m trying to convey in this photo is you can do anything no matter the limit. One thing I think it takes to create a good action photo is capturing the right moment. I also think an action photo should show you can do anything.

The second photo (Middle) I tried to use the rules of space and triangle. I tried to use equal amount of space in this photo. I also tried to use the rule of triangle and the point from the basket. The message i’m trying to show is that you can do anything. No matter your age or skill. You can do it. If you want to do it you have to take a leap. That leap may change your life.  Somethings I think it takes to make a good action photo is it has to be inspiring and motivational. The photo also needs to have a meaning. Another thing I think it needs is showing perspective or proportion.

The last photo (Left) This is my action sequence photo. In this photo I tried to use the rule of space and the rule of horizontal lines. I tried to use horizontal lines in the background and vertical lines on the floor. In this photo I am trying to convey the message that being different is good. Being different will change your life. I think for an action photo to be good there needs to be good lighting and conveys an interesting look.

Unit 3: Photograpghy Derriere la Gare Saint-Lazare

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.24.26 AM

This photo is called the Derriere la Gare Saint-Lazare. This photo was taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson a famous photographer to be part of his book the The Mind’s Eye. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a french photographer who is a master of candid photography. Henri Cartier- Bresson was one of the greatest photographers of our time. This photo was labeled photo of the century by time magazine. He took this photo showing a man jumping in a puddle. This photo showed the reflection of the man in the water and the ripples in the water. This was one out of two photos Henri Cartier-Bresson ever cropped.

Art & Design Self-Evaluation

One project I am most proud of and enjoyed making is the hand value drawings. That project let me working on my shading values and draw hands something I have never done before. I have gained better understanding of 2D art by seeing famous pieces of work and doing the hand drawing allowing me to experience different skills. The research posts also allow me to explore and get examples of understanding. One skill I could make for the rest of the semester is I could participate in class discussions more.

Photographic Stories

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.55.21 AM Afghan Girl

The girls name in the picture is Gula. Gula’s parents were murdered during the soviet unions bombing of Afghanistan. Gula lost everything including her parents, brothers and sisters. She walked across hard terrain until reaching a refuge camp in Pakistan. She got married and later returned to Afghanistan in the 1990’s. The identity of the person in the photo was unknown until a national geographic team went back to find the girl. After the team found the girl they asked her was her life better under the Taliban. She said “no, but at least there was peace and order.”

Chinese New Year CNY Celebrations Photo


I think this image was so popular because it shows the compositions of photography, it also shows the culture of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. There is balance in the photo using space equally. The photo also has vibrant colours which attracts the audience more.  In the background is the city which shows the horizontal line and the fireworks has the vertical lines. This photo also captures the whole scenery of the fireworks and the urban city.

Sketch Book

Photo on 14-1-15 at 9.07 AM #2



Describe the work (sketchbook) and how you made it

To make the sketchbook I started out by gathering one A3 paper and two hard cover paper. We taped the two hard cover papers together and the A3 paper to make one single piece. Next we gathered 12 A3 papers and folded them in half to make the pages inside. Next we nailed holes and sewed the book together using a needle and thread.

What are the benefits of creating your own sketchbook?

The benefits of me creating my own  sketchbook is allowing me to have a place to design and create what I want. I can draw, shade and colour anything I want in this book. This book also holds whatever I want to remember and can hold my ideas.

What would you do to change the design and construction of the sketchbook?

Somethings I would do to change my books design and construction is change the cover and add more details. I still have the whole semester to do more with my design so I will be able to do what I want. I would also change how to bind the cover.  Maybe finding another way like glue.