Sketch Book

Photo on 14-1-15 at 9.07 AM #2



Describe the work (sketchbook) and how you made it

To make the sketchbook I started out by gathering one A3 paper and two hard cover paper. We taped the two hard cover papers together and the A3 paper to make one single piece. Next we gathered 12 A3 papers and folded them in half to make the pages inside. Next we nailed holes and sewed the book together using a needle and thread.

What are the benefits of creating your own sketchbook?

The benefits of me creating my own  sketchbook is allowing me to have a place to design and create what I want. I can draw, shade and colour anything I want in this book. This book also holds whatever I want to remember and can hold my ideas.

What would you do to change the design and construction of the sketchbook?

Somethings I would do to change my books design and construction is change the cover and add more details. I still have the whole semester to do more with my design so I will be able to do what I want. I would also change how to bind the cover.  Maybe finding another way like glue.