LA/SS Champions Project Reflection Post

There are a lot of things I enjoyed about the champion’s unit. Over the unit we were asked to create different types of pieces and hand them in for a grade. It was not only about the grade but it was also about learning about someone you have learned before. One of the things I have most enjoyed during is the Facebook page we were asked to create for our champion. One thing I never thought to do was create a Facebook page for a school project. That assignment was one of the most enjoyable parts of this project. Another thing I enjoyed about this unit was the journal entry. I loved how I could write in his view and include a flashback and his own emotions. Throughout this unit the assignments really helped me learn well in this unit. The different assignments with creative ideas made this unit fun. One challenging part of this unit was the press conferences. One of the things I hate is talking in-front of people. That was a challenge but I managed to overcome the obstacle. If I were to complete this unit again I would change my poems. I think i’m a okay poet but I don’t feel the poems I created were the best. I would defiantly like a second chance to create better poems. If I could do his project again I would most likely choose a sports player. John.F.Kennedy is an interesting person but I would have chose someone I find more interesting. I feel this unit made me more compassionate, creative, resilient and collaborative because it showed me that there are people out there making a big difference and being role models to people all over the world. One thing I would like to change is the nomination letter. I found the nomination letter quite confusing at first and more challenging. But overall I am thankful that I had this opportunity to do this project.

John.F.Kennedy Portfolio

For this quarter in Social Studies and Language Arts we were asked to do a project called the Champions project. We were asked to do several different writing pieces and other creative assignments throughout the unit. All my work is shown in the portfolio before. But before that I’m gonna tell you about the person I chose, John F. Kennedy. President John F.Kennedy showed creativity, compassion, collaboration and resilience. ¬†John F.Kennedy showed signs of creativity by solving situations in new ways. He showed collaboration by showing he wants to help people. He showed compassion from saving the men on his boat. Through all of that he never gave up.

Occupy HK Protests


In Hong Kong there are protests going on for democracy. They want to choose there chief executive instead of Beijing choosing who can run. The protesters managed to block roads all over Hong Kong and thats when the protest became a worldwide topic on September 29 2014. One of the biggest crowds was at the admiralty government building where lots of violence and force was used. Police tried to stop the crowds using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. A few days later the chief executive said he would not stand down and that the protesters would have to leave by monday so people can go back to work or more force will be used. The government has kept quiet but has not backed out and most of the protestors have left but there are still some there.

My opinion about the protests happening in Hong Kong is that its a good thing what they are fighting for but will Government budge? Looking at what has been happening and what the Beijing government has been doing I don’t think the government will back down. But I also don’t think the protesters will back down. Overall I think the protestors are for something worth while is just that I don’t think the government will budge.

What i’m confused about? I am confused about why the Government won’t allow democracy? Is it because they want overall power? Another thing I am confused about is why the Government is not doing anything about it? To answer my questions my questions I plan to go home and ask my family these questions, I also plan to do more research on my own time.


John.F.Kennedy Map

MS-LA-A-2014-2015-JFK Map-Chow-Jonathan

JFK Map Citations

Unit 2 Summary


This Unit I have learned about different maps and how to identify a location with just a picture and a few maps. I learned about economic maps, climate maps, temperature maps and population maps. I also learned about how a map can be distorted in a picture. One interesting thing I learned was about the different climates. I also strengthened my skill of using longitude and latitude to locate places on the map.

By the end of this unit I am aiming to achieve the Ferdinand Magellan badge. I will be able to achieve this badge by sticking to my goal and contributing more in class. Some of my strategies to get the badge is to take notes on the chapter and raising my hand when there is a opportunity to contribute in class. I also think going to after school help will strengthen my knowledge in order to get the grade I want on the test.

One of my two goals I created last reflection was to create a plan on what to study each day before I test. I haven’t got any recent tests to be able to complete my goal. But a test is coming up and now I will be able to create a plan for each day this week. My second goal is to focus on key terms. Using Mr.Pierces notes strategy it enabled me to focus and study on different key terms throughout the chapter.

Parent conferences didn’t surprise me with anything unexpected. Everything we talked about is what I thought and agreed on what I need to work on. The first thing we talked about was how I don’t participate in class conversations as much. I need to talk more often even in group conversations. My goal for that is to raise my hand whenever there is a opportunity for me to contribute. One last thing I need to work on is seeking assistance when I need it. For the past unit I have not showed up to any of the after school help. My goal is to make time and show up to at least one before every test.


Unit 1 Summary

Ice Age 8 Fox

This Unit I learned about geography and mapping. I learned about the different parts on the map and different kinds of maps. For example I got to learn more about legends and scales and what makes a map. I also learned about maps that could show population, weather and land forms. Another thing I learned about this unit is about different landforms like a canyon, a delta and more.

Mr.Pierce awarded me the Marco Polo badge, I can agree with his decision about the badge. I can agree with Mr.Pierce because of the recent grades, but I will be sure to correct that in the next unit. One learning strategy that didn’t work was just focusing most of my attention on the textbook, I should have looked at the essential questions more carefully. My work habits were good except for one part on contributing, I plan to contribute more often in class discussions.

My goal for the next unit is to make a plan for everyday on what to study so that I know I covered everything for the test. Another goal is to focus on the key terms and how to use them.