Occupy HK Protests


In Hong Kong there are protests going on for democracy. They want to choose there chief executive instead of Beijing choosing who can run. The protesters managed to block roads all over Hong Kong and thats when the protest became a worldwide topic on September 29 2014. One of the biggest crowds was at the admiralty government building where lots of violence and force was used. Police tried to stop the crowds using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. A few days later the chief executive said he would not stand down and that the protesters would have to leave by monday so people can go back to work or more force will be used. The government has kept quiet but has not backed out and most of the protestors have left but there are still some there.

My opinion about the protests happening in Hong Kong is that its a good thing what they are fighting for but will Government budge? Looking at what has been happening and what the Beijing government has been doing I don’t think the government will back down. But I also don’t think the protesters will back down. Overall I think the protestors are for something worth while is just that I don’t think the government will budge.

What i’m confused about? I am confused about why the Government won’t allow democracy? Is it because they want overall power? Another thing I am confused about is why the Government is not doing anything about it? To answer my questions my questions I plan to go home and ask my family these questions, I also plan to do more research on my own time.