Idiom Practice

Fuzzy Wuzzy sat there, blank. His dad called out from the living room. “You have to get your act together and start doing your homework! You can’t sit there daydreaming!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll finish it by eight o’clock.” Fuzzy called back.

Fuzzy had been sitting on his log bed for two hours after school. He had been daydreaming for the whole day, even in his bear classes. He dreamed that he was the most popular bear in the International Bear School, IBS. Bear friends were swarming around him, telling him about how awesome he was, being his dad’s spitting image. Fuzzy’s dad was the principle of IBS, and every – bear loved him as a principle. He dreamed that everyone wanted him to be in their group for the Climbing-Tree Competition. When Fuzzy told his friends that he didn’t know what to do in the Climbing-Tree Competition, his friends would just push him in and say “Play it by ear! You’ll be fine!”.

Fuzzy sat on his bed, staring at the wooden ceiling as he dreamed on about being the most popular bear in IBS. He dreamed that his friends were telling other bears ‘Fuzzy always bends over backwards! He never chews someone out, unlike Mitch! Like seriously, Mitch is really a mitch. Fuzzy’s like, the best bear friend ever!’.  Fuzzy dreamed that he was everything he wasn’t now.

Time flew quicker then Fuzzy realised. By the time Fuzzy’s daydream was over, it was already eight o’clock, and he hadn’t done any homework. Just when Fuzzy was scrambling over to his desk to pretend doing homework, Fuzzy’s dad appeared at Fuzzy’s door.

“Fuzzy, you should be done with homework by now, right?” Fuzzy’s dad peered over Fuzzy’s shoulder, just to see a blank page.

“Fuzzy! You’re seriously in the doghouse! You said that you’ll finish by eight o’clock, and it was a done deal! What happened, Fuzzy? I did tell you to get your act together! What happened to your brain? I thought you were my Fuzzy the Fabulous! Should I call the doctor to check on your brain? Do you feel any pains in your head? –”

Fuzzy’s dad kept fussing over Fuzzy’s brain, making excuses of why might Fuzzy might’ve not done his homework, while Fuzzy sat there rushing through his math questions.

In the end, Fuzzy told his dad his dream, how he wished to be like Teddy, all popular and surrounded-by-friends type. After listening to Fuzzy’s description of his dream, Fuzzy’s dad promised he’d make a change just for his bear-son. Fuzzy’s dad left by ruffling Fuzzy’s ears and sternly saying ‘Now you better get going on your homework!’

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