Research Post

My Question: 

 Who designed this shoe?

Keywords Used to Search:

Nike Shoe Designer.

Who designs shoes in Nike

What I Found Out:

– One main designer in Design Team

– Tinker Hatfield is one of the famous and main designers in the Nike company.

– A shoe designer earns about $25k to $150k

– Nike allows you to design your own shoes – So it depends who designed the shoe

Reflection about how I approached my research and what I found out:

Even though some websites, for example, didn’t help me find my answer, I could catch some information, such as there is one main designer in the Design Team for Nike. Most websites describe how to be a Nike shoe designer, and I think that means that the Internet doesn’t know who designed the Airmax shoes for Nike, though I’m guessing it’s probably the Design Team at that time.

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