4 thoughts on “3D Map – Topographic Map

  1. Alex T says:

    Good observation on group size, efficiency and complication.

    Do you think that at certain point a bigger group would be more effective? What conditions do u think essential to make a big group works efficiently?

  2. Mum says:

    I admired your patient and curiosity, your willing to learn and think out of box attitude. Keep this up. Think about how team work can help. Small project may not be benefit too much from big team, but when project get bigger and more complicate, no one can handle all and leadership will come on how to manage an effective team, fully utilise everyone’s talent.
    Look forward to watching your next project. Kisses

  3. Sonia says:

    How effectively do you think you followed the directions of this project?
    Pretty effective because we included everything that was needed (i.e Indus River, Himalaya Mountains, Chang Jiang Basin, etc) and we chose out of the five choices (Food, clay, paper, LEGOs or Minecraft) to make the map, which were the directions.

    How effectively did you develop a plan for building the map?
    Not that effective because on the first day, we were still mulling around our group choices. Second day was already two days away from the due date, so we still had to decide what material we were going to make the map out of. On the third day, however, we did complete half the project so on the fourth day we finished the project.

    How effectively did you use your in-class time?
    On the second and third day, we did not use time that well, so we had to leave the completion for afterschool. But on the fourth day we concentrated all the way through so that we finished just in time.

    What are you most proud of about your map?
    How it’s really different from others because all the other people are doing either minecraft or food, which is really easy and simple, while as ours is different since my map is made of simply cardboard and paper.

    Were the strategies, skills and procedures you used effective for this assignment?
    Yes because we were both hard workers but also lazy people. So sometimes we would work harder than ever, while sometimes we would be lazy and laugh at our laziness, but then get back to work.

    Have you learned from any disappointments or successes from your project?
    I learned that the less people in your group it is, the faster and more efficient it is because if there’s a lot of people in your group, then there would be more complication and you would spend most of your time arguing or explaining. With less people, you could have less complication and work faster and more efficient. I also learned that sometimes doing what others do isn’t always the only path. It’s like thinking out of the box and seeing another more creative path, such as making a map out of cardboard and paper.

    Has there been a problem or situation related to your project that you feel needs to be discussed further?
    No.. part from the fact that the Tibetan Plateau on the China map always falls off, and the Himalayas on the China map always tilts because they are both stuck on foam.

    When you make the stop-motion movie part of the project, what do you think will make it a MEETING EXPECTATIONS movie that other students could learn from?
    The voicing is smooth and there isn’t much mistakes. The voicing is also not monotone, and the information is correct with accurate details. The voicing is together with the slides and not lopsided…

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