Book Talk 1 Reflection

Today’s book talk was okay, because we did talk about some main parts of the story and we disagreed and agreed politely as members shared their 4 C’s. What’s good about this book talk was that I saw what other people questioned about the book, and how some challenges could be unstable. And what’s bad about this book talk was that we were constantly off topic, since some people argued politely at other people’s points.

Today I took away the fact that this book could be viewed from different perspectives, like some people might see the book as a really fictional book, with dragons that could fly without wings, or goldfishes that could swim through a gateway to result being a dragon. Or some people view this book as a really fantastic book because the stories that pop up in the beginning and middle all fit in at the end. I personally view this book as a normal sort-of-realistic fantasy book because I’m used to reading books that are much more complex then Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, with floating mysteries that join together in the end.

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