Shang Artefact Paragraph

Artefact: Head of an ax

In the blood-thirsty, war loving Shang Dynasty, people believed that when rich or high social status people died, they had to be served in the afterlife too. This ax head was used to sacrifice innocents so they could serve the royals. This ceremony of sacrificing animals and humans for royal afterlife was mainly because of the religion at that time. Shang people believed that there was an afterlife and a royal could not go on without servants to serve. That’s why this artefact was only found in a royal’s tomb because only royals or important people had sacrifices made for them. So in a way, only people in the top most section in the social structure would have people wield this ax to make sacrifices for afterlife.This artefact was also an incredible evidence of the arts and technology at the Shang Dynasty. With the fact that this ax head was made of bronze, which was scarce at that time, and the fact that the carvings on the ax were good luck charms for afterlife, archeologists found this artefact helping them stepping one more step forward on revealing the life in Shang Dynasty.

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    Sonia, it’s not so much that bronze was scarce as it was really difficult to figure how to develop the technology to make bronze items.

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