Compound & Mixtures Video Notes

  • Join together two elements to create a compound
  • Chemical reaction create bonds between atoms
  • Mix two elements to make a mixture (not chemically joined, so easier to¬†separate)
  • Atoms bonded together are molecules
  • Atoms of same element can join to form molecules
  • Compounds are two or more atoms of different elements that are chemically bounded together (ie. sulfur and iron)
  • Compounds can have different properties due to component elements (Hydrogen and oxygen = water)
  • Mixtures are elements that are physically, not chemically, joined

Solubility Reading

  • Solubility is the amount of solute that can dissolve in a fixed amount of solvent at fixed temperature
  • Substances with greater solubility can dissolve more in a solvent
  • Solute is solid or liquid or gas.
  • Increased temperature means decreased solubility level
  • Pressure is the force pushing against a given area
  • Increased pressure on a gas increases solubility (ie. Soda contains dissolved carbon dioxide, that’s why it fizzes out of the can


Solubility Questions

1. How does Mr. Anderson define solubility in the video?

Solubility is the measure of how easy it is for a solute to dissolve in a solvent.

 2. What is the solubility of talc in 100ml of 25Celscius water? Explain why talc has this solubility.

Talc is insoluble. The water, or the solvent, can’t make a solution with a solute like talc. Because water is good at breaking down solids that are charged, and talc is not a charged, talc and water cannot mix together to become a solution.

3. Describe how increasing temperature affects the solubility of solid and liquid solutes.

When you increase temperature, you add energy to the molecules inside the substance. With the faster moving molecules, more solute can be dissolved inside the solvent because the molecules can easily surround the solute.

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