Create Your Own Adventure Reflection

I think my CYOA story is overall ME because I picked a dynasty, I chose a emperor to rule that period, I came up with a problem, I had a main character, and I gave choices for the character to chose. Even though the dynasty I chose wasn’t a dynasty that we learned about, but I knew the Qing Dynasty fairly well because I’ve watched two Chinese movies (還珠格格 and 鹿鼎記) that were based on the Qing Dynasty. Also, since I just started re-watching the Duke of Mount Deer (鹿鼎記), I chose Emperor KangXi because he was the emperor in the movie. I also chose the same problem that the main character in the Duke of Mount Deer had: Ming revolution groups. It’s easier for me to do this problem because I can see how complicated it is for the emperor to control these revolutions. Also, I think my CYOA story is overall ME because the page that I did all the research on (click here) and I had about five resources to makes sure that my information was accurate. I’ve run through each resource through the CRAAP test, and at the end of each source box, I put in why this information might be useful to me in the story. I did use the information in my CYOA story when the main character meets the emperor and describes how he looks. I also used one of my source’s information on how life was being the emperor’s most trusted man. I had the idea of having the character be the emperor’s most trusted man because my main character was based on the main character in the Duke of Mount Deer. The main character in the Duke of Mount Deer was once a lowly person, but then he fled with his friend and ended up in the palace. In the palace, he served one of the officials and the emperor saw that he could trust the character. After the official died, the emperor upgraded the character so that he was the emperor’s most trusted man, in return that the character was assigned missions from the emperor. In my story, if you chose the right path, then your character would have a similar experience. What I think I need to improve on is try twist the story a bit so that it’s not exactly a replica of the Duke of Mount Deer.

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