End of Year Reflection

Language Arts and Social Studies:

This year is just one out of the three years in Middle School. Compared to fifth grade, sixth grade seems to start a whole new life, a different one then the rest. But one of the many things that haven’t changed about me is that I never really read non-fiction. Notice all the books on my book list have been fantasy books. All those years in Upper Primary, when my teacher told me to start reading non-fiction, I never really did it. Same in sixth grade, I just keep reading fantasy. So far, I’ve read the House of Hades twice, The Serpent’s Shadow thrice, the entire Inheritance Cycle series, and I’m finishing The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series too. The books I read also affect how I write, because I’ve always admired how the writers always write in such a detailed way, exploding the moment, but at the same time they don’t go off topic. Reading fantasy also just inspires and sprouts some more ideas about writing in my mind, like how I could mix two series together and make a new story, or perhaps jumble together all the series that I like and make a fan-fiction story.

Reading the Percy Jackson series have also sparked my interest in Greek mythology. We’re now studying the Greek culture and their legacy, and I’ve noticed that the civilisations that we are studying follow what time they existed. For example, we started with evolution and mutation from science, at the same time we also were studying about hominids and their scientific names. Then we moved on to the geography of Mesopotamia, then the great Egyptian civilisation. We skipped studying about ancient India and went on to reading about ancient China and their great philosophies. We studied their old dynasties and read about how the old dynasties fell to the newer ones. After the ancient Chinese, we started studying about the ancient Greeks. Later on in the year, we’re planning to study the ancient Romans. You can notice that first we studied about the hominids, and they were the very first to appear in the world. Then it was Mesopotamia, then Egypt, China, Greece and finally to Rome. It all follows the timeline. All the civilisations we have been studying all focus on the seven characteristics of civilisation. We studied the ways that the ancient Egyptians lived, read about the ancient philosophies of China, compared the different hominid species far before time, studied the map of Mesopotamia and listed what benefits they had from their location, and saw how important the gods were to the ancient Greeks.


This year, we learned many new things for math, such as box plots, new algebra technics and so on. We reviewed some things that we learned before in fifth grade, but we also added on to the knowledge we already had. As a mathematical thinker, I think I am one of the ones that understand the fastest when we learn new things. When we learned the box plot, I was one of the first to understand what the first and third quartile was. Compared to last year, I think my precision and modelling have stayed the same, but in fifth grade, I had found problem solving difficult. Now, I think I’ve overcome the problem solving difficulty.


Last year’s science was nothing like sixth grade science. Last year, we just learnt about variable and how they could affect a experiment. This year, I think that I really started to go in depth about the science around us, density, states of matter, boiling point, the water cycle and so on. This year, for science, I enjoyed it because I really actually started learning something that I found cool. As said from above, I think that it’s strange, how in the beginning of the year we learnt about mutation, Darwinia and all in science. At the same time we were learning about the evolution of humans and how scientists found evidence that humans came from apes. This somehow connects because I think the teachers want us to apply the knowledge from science and put it as a puzzle piece into what we were learning in social studies. I think throughout the many labs of science, I think my observing level has increased because of how much understanding we have to take in while experimenting the labs.

Work Habits: 

I think my strongest in work habits is organisation, working independently, meting deadlines, reflecting on work, punctual and respecting the class rules. I think my weakest is contributing in class and probably working with others. These two work habits have been my biggest struggle because I always find it hard to always to contribute, coming with answers like I was born to do it. Also, I’ve found from experience that you can’t really trust someone with a important job when they aren’t like you. When you do it individually, you see everything your way and you see it as what you satisfies you. In a way, it’s sort of selfish, since it’s saying that you will only be satisfied if it’s in what you think is good. Over the year, I’ve tried teaming up with my friends whenever a group project is available. I would try and understand more in depth of what I was being taught, so that I could contribute more in answering the questions.

Overall Grade 6:

This year, the most highlighting part is probably PEAK because it was so well planned, and I had a lot of fun with my friends in Beijing. I’m most proud of is changing myself, making myself different from what I was when I was in 5th grade, or in general, when I was younger.  The most challenging of all was the change from my friends in 5th grade to 6th grade, and the actual difference of the two campuses. Before sixth grade, whenever I saw Middle School, I saw a American local kind of school, with very clear borders on who was popular and who wasn’t. Now, this year, I had to adapt to this American local looking school with the clear lines of who was popular and who wasn’t. The moment I realised I was in Lantau house, and all my other friends from fifth grade were in all the other houses except for Lantau, I knew that I had to try to fit in. Now, I have found friends that are much better then the ones I had in fifth grade, which is a great relief because I always seemed to have less friends during fifth grade. I look forward to camping in seventh grade, where we get to choose where we want to camp.

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