Greek and Roman Day – Temple Building Reflection

For Greek and Roman Day, I worked with Andrea to build a temple for Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld. We named our temple “The House of Hades” after the novel by Rick Riordan. Our main colours for the temple were black and red since black and red were both death like colours. We found that we could use glue sticks as our columns, covering it with paper. Then we had a template for the temple frieze, so I started to draw the complete frieze and colouring it with black and red. It took me two days to complete the frieze template, which gave Andrea enough time to cover all 16 glue sticks. Our 16 columns were to be stuck on the base, then the roof, which was a rectangular based triangular prism made from cardboard. We didn’t glue the roof to the columns because people needed to use the glue sticks for the mosaic project. That was one of our biggest problems because our temple collapsed since the glue sticks were taken away.

That was what I wanted to say if we had a chance to change our temple. Instead of using glue sticks, we could have used better items like fat marker pens or just stuff the inside with fluff or make cardboard columns so it would be stable. Our temple fell in the end because people had to pull out the glue sticks in order to proceed on the mosaic project. The statue needed a bit more work, because the Hades statue was rather too tall for the roof, so we had to cut a bit of his feet off then slant him so that he looked rather deformed. Part from the major problem on the columns and the minor issue for the statue, I think our temple was cool. It may not be realistic since there might not be black marble or red marble.

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