Ancient Greece CYOA – Reflection

My CYOA was based on the Trojan War. It takes the perspective from a made up Greek brother of Patroclus, cousin of Achilles. Me, Andrea and Emily wrote about how Ireneaus, our made up brother of Patroclus, always was so jealous about his brother always having Achilles’ favour. Our story talks about how Ireneaus makes choices whether he wants to fight for his nation or fight for his dreams of joining the great city of Troy. Our planning of who was writing which line was very well organised, because we had a small trap branch that Andrea could do, and the longer branch that actually led to a happy ending was split between me and Emily. I wrote about how Ireneaus would choose to fight for Troy and become a great general, but ending up dying in every way. Emily wrote about how Ireneaus would choose to remain a general and flirt with the Trojan princess, Polyxena. Andrea would write about how Ireneaus would fight for his nation but die trying to win Achilles’ favour. It took us a couple days to plan out the entire map of the story, but we finally split the branches equally after a couple arguments of who would do the general side. ┬áThen Andrea was the first to finish her branch, then me, and Emily finished her branch the day before it was due. Even though me and Andrea had to do some pushing on Emily’s progress, we managed to finish it in time, and we even managed to lengthen our paragraphs so we had more information about the choices that we provided. In the end, we were very satisfied with our final product. Click HERE to visit our CYOA.

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