Unit 1: Sketchbook Reflection


1. Describe the work (sketchbook) and how you made it.

This sketchbook was simply made from paper, tape and string. When closed, it’s A4 size. When open, it’s A3 size. Along the spine of the sketchbook, twine is sewn in to secure the paper together. Both the cover and back is made from A4 sized cardboard, so it’s easier to draw on. We made this sketchbook by first glueing both cardboard onto an folded A3 sheet, leaving a centimetre gap in the middle. Next we folded 6 A3 sheets in half, which would soon be the paper in the sketchbook. Paper clipping them together, we drew dots along the middle inside of the book, each three centimetres apart. Using a hammer and nail, we poked holes through these dots for the sewing. Using 4 times the length of a A4 paper of string, we used the “go 2 back 1” method to sew together the stacks of paper. Finally, we used the “bunny” method to tie off the string and there we have, a handmade sketchbook.

2. What are the benefits of creating your own sketchbook?

In the process of making a sketchbook, the steps and experience is recorded in your mind. You remember the times when you accidentally hammered your thumb. You remember the time you had to ask a friend to help with the sewing. More or less, you know one way to make a sketchbook, and you learned from it. Learned the process of making a sketchbook. All together, these memories, experience and process all add up to form a special connection between you and the sketchbook. You feel proud that this is yours, that you made this and you want to treasure the memories and experiences that come along with it. On the other hand, when you go to the store and buy a notebook, the only memory could possibly be you handing money to the clerk, which would not be as pleasant as the memories clinging onto a homemade sketchbook. From this sketchbook, you could modify the design yourself instead of choosing from others.

3. What would you do to change the design and construction of the sketchbook?

There is really nothing I would change in the design. It’s perfectly fine, part from maybe we should use a better quality glue so the A3 paper won’t fall off the cardboard. In the construction, I think many are rather afraid of using a hammer and nail, leading to the fact that using a hole puncher might be safer and more preferred.

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