Sculpture Self Evaluation

What is one project from sculpture you are proud of completing or enjoyed experiencing?

I think I most enjoyed doing and am proud of the project is the wood relief sculpture. I spent a lot of time designing the tree and words, especially the branches of the tree. The result was really impressive, since carving out thin lines over a hundred times is not easy.

How have you gained a better understanding about sculpture (3D art)?

From sculpture class so far, I understood that not all art is that easy to make. It requires much of your patience, passion, determination and skill. Most people think that just a portrait of yourself or a abstract colourful artwork is simply easy, but ever since I started on this wood relief sculpture, I realise you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

What is one area of improvement you could make for the rest of the semester?

Manage the design so it doesn’t require that much time to complete. For the wood relief sculpture, one of the designs required much of my time and skill, which kind of got annoying in the end because I could never start on the second piece. In general, I need to make my designs more simple yet impressive.

What are some skills or work habits you have successfully developed?

Precise carving out of wood and training my patience. By precise carving I mean like carving thin lines on wood, where it looks like a bare tree’s branches. When I say training my patience, I mean by restraining the impatience to start the second side. This skill can be useful for many fields.

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