Unit 4: Pottery “Inspired by Object”

Explain how you used your object in your final design

My final design was modelled after a Roman helmet, the one with the plumes of hair. For the hair design, I used my object, which is a bottle cap, and made the imprints with the sides of the bottle cap.

Explain how you are connected to your object and why it is personally significant to you.

Well, a bottle cap isn’t really useful to me, but it is meaningful. When we were little, me and my sister used to collect bottle caps, just to see what we could do with them. Sometimes we would combine two of them and make a box, containing something small in it. Other times we would marvel over how unique the bottle cap was from the others. In a way, the bottle cap itself represents our childhood silliness.

What are some improvements that could be made?

I could make the hair more realistic, instead of making it look like a dragon’s spikes or a mohawk, so when someone glances at the pot they’ll immediately see the connection with the Roman helmet. I could also make it more like the pot is resting on top of the actual “cup” and not the “head” of the guy who’s wearing the helmet.

What are some achievements you are proud of?

I’m proud of the idea that I came up with. It’s not easy connecting a bottle cap and a Roman helmet. I’m also proud of how I managed to turn a helmet into a pot, which was actually one of my main challenges in this project. Last of all, I think I did well on supporting the structure, because the helmet’s structure makes it really easy to break off anytime.

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