Unit 4: Pottery “The Unconventional Pot”

  1. How was your process similar and/or different to Yee SooKyung’s work:


In many ways, my process was similar and different from Yee SooKyung’s work. Yee SooKyung had evidently used different pieces from different pots to assemble together, and form a new pot. My process was similar to that; I took another person’s pot, took mine, then somehow connected them together to form a new pot. But on the other hand, my process is very different from Yee SooKyung’s work. While she made a pot, I only made half a pot. While she made a whole shape that could be recognized as a rough circle, my work only resembled a semicircle. So our process and final result are similar but also differ in many ways.

    2)  Is your final form a pot? Please explain with the use of examples.

Sadly, no, my final form is not a pot. In fact, if you combine the other halves, it might resemble a pot. I took my pot and another person’s pot, and somehow managed to fit her pot into mines, so that it would look like a pot with another pot inside but cut in half. The definition of a pot is a round container of some kind, that can contain something. My pot, however, cannot contain anything, so therefore is not considered a pot.

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