MINP March #2: Equity and Exploitation

Prompt: Choose a theme from Animal Farm and do an analysis on it.

Book: Animal Farm  by George Orwell

This is a theme analysis on the book Animal Farm. The two themes I focused on were whether people were treated equally in society, and how power corrupts one. The brainframe linked below can explain a bit about the themes, and the essay was a previous class assignment that also explains in words the analysis of the themes. Embedded below is a Visme slideshow explaining further in depth about the analysis of the themes.


MINP #2 – Animal Farm Theme Analysis – Brainframe

MINP #2 – Animal Farm Theme Analysis – Essay (optional)

So I hope you took away not only an analysis of the themes in Animal Farm, but also what this could mean to us. Learning from these animals mistakes could help our world eliminate some problems such as gender inequality. We should learn from Animal Farm that there is no flawless equality, yet we shouldn’t stop trying. We should also learn that power does not equal happiness, and it doesn’t benefit in any way, but rather corrupts and changes us. If we let books like Animal Farm teach us their morals, maybe mistakes like the Russian Revolution wouldn’t have happened.


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