I2P (S) Geography Quiz


Welcome! This is the page that explains the making of the GGQ – General Geography Quiz. This is a general 15-question geography quiz that I coded using Python. This blog post will bring you through the series of planning, errors, and drafts that I created in order to program the final product. The quiz will bring you through a series of questions where you type in the number corresponding to the answer you think is correct. For example, this is a sample question:

Which continent is Hong Kong located in?

1. North America

2. Asia

3. South America

4. Europe

In this case, the correct answer is 2, Asia. So you would type in ‘2’ after this question shows up. See the video of the working result to see examples.

Mind maps / Flowcharts: 

I2P GeoQuiz MindMapPlanned Version

I2P GeoQuiz MindMap Final Version

Pseudo Code: Planned Version and Final Version

All Versions of the Code:

Comments on the Final Version:

Video of Working Result:

Video of Game (with voiceover):

Testing Document

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