Science – Blog post – March 2

How are you progressing on completing your model?

So far we’re in good shape. We’ve got the base down including the poster paper, drew the outline, completed one section (the diagram of a neuron), finished the explanations, and planned out what to do the next few days. We estimate to have a rough draft by the end of this week.


How did you cooperate as a group today?

Today we mainly focused on completing the explanations. We had four different categories to sort out, and we distributed it between three people. I say we all worked hard on the explanations, both on the content and trying to fit it on the space provided on the board. Later, in our spare time, we worked together to poke holes through the board so wires can weave in and out.


What else do you need to bring to finish your project?

One of our group members bought some glowing wires from an online store, so we still need to wait for that to arrive before we get to really complete it. We also need yarn, on which multiple group members are going to bring in next class. And the only other thing is to find something to support the cardboard so it won’t end up that flimsy.


What are “road blocks” you still need to solve?

Finding something to support the cardboard, maybe yard sticks (if allowed) or just strips of thick cardboard. Also the delay of the wires is making us unsure of what to do while waiting for the wires. Part from that, I think we’re fine.

Science: PBL Q&A

1. What body system did you pick to build as a working model (7th grade)?

We (Iris, Sarah and me) chose the nervous system to build as a working model.

2. Why have you decided to build this body system as a working model (7th grade)?

We all agreed that the nervous system was a very complex yet interesting system, how the brain works and functions. We also already had creative ideas about how to build the nervous system.

3. What materials are you going to need to complete your build  (7th grade)?

– Lots of wires (Glowing:

– Long tube (41 cm)

– At least 6 different colours of thick yarn (

– Cardboard (150 cm by 40 cm)

– Meter sticks to support cardboard (at least 5)

– Poster paper (colour undecided)

– LED lights (a lot)

– Switches for LED lights (same amount as the lights)