Unit 2: Hand Drawing Photograph

unnamed1) Give a brief description of your work

In my work, there’s two hands. One is reaching down, offering help. The other is reaching up, seeking help. From the corner where the hand is reaching up, I drew patterns in black representing darkness. From the other corner, where the hand is reaching down, I drew gold patterns representing brightness. In the middle, the patterns converge in silver.

2) What kind of hand gestures and/or expressions did you use and why? What are you “saying”?

Here, I used two different hand gestures. The one reaching down offering help represents hope, since the gold patterns make it seem like it’s from a divine place or so. The other one represents desperation, since it’s grasping for the hope that the other hand is offering. In this picture, I’m trying to capture the connection between humans and God, since God is the hand offering hope and we are the ones grasping for hope. We humans are submerged in darkness, in sin and in oblivion, while as God is the light of pureness, faith and perfection. The silver part is when us humans have finally joined God to become one. I wanted my drawing to have the same effect as the picture down below did.


3) What effect do the line drawings have on your photograph?

The lines emphasise the entire ‘light/dark’ theme because the original picture was just two hands with a plain white background. The lines also make the picture look more comical and unreal.

4) In your opinion, is your work “successful” Why or why not?

In my opinion, I think my work can be more successful in many ways. For example, the hand reaching up for help could have been positioned in a better way. Or I could try and have a gradient between the gold/silver and black/silver, but since these were markers, gradient is harder to make. On the other hand, I think I was successful in creating the patterns and making them highlight the contrast between light and dark. I was also successful in filling in some empty space that might have looked strange without anything.