MINP March #1: Wasted Talent

Prompt: Choose a character from Animal Farm and do a character analysis on them.

Book: Animal Farm  by George Orwell

This is a character analysis of Squealer, a character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The category mind map below explains the different characteristics of Squealer and some supporting text evidence. Since Animal Farm is an allegory for the Russian Revolution, Squealer represents the propaganda that Joseph Stalin used against the public. Squealer can also represent Vyacheslav Molotov, a close associate and protege of Stalin in the Russian Revolution.


MINP March #1 – Brain Frame – Character Analysis – Squealer

MINP March #1 – Character Analysis – Squealer

I hope you took away not only a character analysis of Squealer, but also a chance to learn from others’ mistakes. Squealer is an example of a brilliant, talented individual who used their talent in the wrong way.  If we learn from Squealer’s mistakes, if we learn to think about the consequences before acting, if we learn to think deeper and more meaningful, then maybe a mistake like the Russian Revolution wouldn’t have happened. As an anonymous person said, “mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating.”


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