Year-End Reflection

When looking at my Unit 3 – 6 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been. . .

I see my greatest achievement has been the Novel Teaching Table Summative. I was able to practice my speaking skills more and earn a higher grade than my other assignments. I was also able to go into detail with the book assigned and provide enough evidence to give a good understanding to my audience. Overall, I was proud of myself and I managed to make it one of my best work during second semester.

When looking at my feedback on my work and Mastery Data (as found in Schoology), I noticed. . .

That compared to last semester, my mastery has risen up. This proves myself in a positive way because I wanted to improve so bad from my work and I was able to achieve it this semester. I was also able to provide 100% in new categories such as F14, F8, F4, F2.1, F13.1, F13.3, and F9.

Considering most of second semester was virtual learning, I’d like to say. . .

That it took a lot more self motivated learning to achieve a better score this semester. But I felt that it did give me more time to go through each and every formative and summative. In the classroom I  did feel a little pressured by all the other smarter kids around me. As I worked at home, it gave me an opportunity to open up by talking more in class and researching more about the assignments I wanted a better grade in.

When reviewing my goal for Semester 2, I can say that I . . .

Achieved it in the best way possible. I am very proud of myself for pushing my limits to achieve my goal that I set myself for semester 2. It was maybe the fact that we were online, that gave me extra time to figure out how to manage my time for this class. Overall, I was given the opportunity to prove myself, and I have done that well by boosting up my grades and putting myself out there in class to participate in discussions.

A reflection on a Unit 3, 4, or 5 EQ is. . . (Include the EQ and response)


Unit 3:

How is a writer’s voice and writing style significant to the meaning of a text?

A writer’s voice and writing style are significant to the meaning of a text because it provides a very distinct way of how the author interprets the story plot and characters. Their style provides various ways for the reader to sink in what they are trying to get out of the author’s story and message.

How can I refine my voice and style to communicate my messages effectively?

You can refine by adding in specific tone as well as if your story is a play, using stage directions and dialogue to effectively communicate the meaning of the messages.

How do writers from different eras or movements write differently?

There was a certain type of language barrier compared to nowadays. Throughout each era, it has changed because authors are able to provide a clearer voice and better understanding to communicate with the audience. While as back then, the English language was much more complicated as they spoke differently with different vocabulary and interesting dialects and grammatic structures.