Discussion Post Explication: Clifton

Line 4: they don’t fit into little

Line 5: petty places. these hips

Line 6: are free hips.

This free verse poem that Clifton writes about, uses repetition to describe to the audience why her “hips” are important. In the fourth line, Clifton uses enjambment to describe that her hips are wide and don’t fit into small places. She backs her evidence “petty places” (l.5) that her hips stand out and they are unique to her. She concludes her statement with personification as she writes “free hips” (l.6) to identify that because of her hips, she feels confident about her body image. She allows them to do whatever they want because they are significant to her.

U1: In-Class Writing Essential Question

How do poets and poetry invite us to see, feel, and experience the world?

Poets invite readers to share events or memories that can resonate or have a deeper meaning in our world. Whatever we define whatever the poet is talking about, the poetry invites readers to seek for more detail and go above and beyond the meanings of the poetry itself. They invite us to see whatever is around us, to be more cautious of the world and our experiences, as well as feel connections within ourselves and others involved. Poets often write poetry with several meanings for audiences to interpret whatever they find meaning for them. It’s important for us to experience the world with this interpretation because even though the world is changing constantly, poetry guides us to improve the world’s society and environment to appreciate what the world can give everyone today.