Final Semester 1 Reflection

When looking at my Unit 1 and Unit 2 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been. . .

When looking back at my Unit 1 and Unit 2 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been my TPCASTT’s in the poetry unit. I loved learning the poetry unit because poetry fascinates me. Even though analysing poems can take a long time, I find it interesting to understand the background details and poetry concepts that the author explains in their story. 

When looking at my feedback on my work (as found in Schoology), I see I still struggle with and/or I am improving upon. . .

Something that I struggle and want to improve on is my essay writing. When I write an essay under pressure there are certain elements in my writing that I either explain incorrectly or I won’t get to the main idea in my reasonings. I have received 3 out of 9 in my in-class writing and I would like to exceed my scores during second semester. 

When looking at my process piece, __________, (drafts 1 – ?) this was my approach to improving that work. .

When looking at my process piece in my Q3, this was my approach to improving that work by composing a clearer and organized thesis and evidence. I was able to get a much better result in my Q3 rewrite as I had a better focus for the reader to understand.

When looking at my Mastery data in Schoology for this course, I notice that. . .

I notice that my high scores at 100% are in the discussion posts and my poem analysis (F2.1, F8, F4). My lowest score at 50% was from my reflections (C4,C6).

Having reviewed the semester’s reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking, as well as my collaboration, creativity, and resilience, a goal I have for Semester 2 is. . .

I actually have two goals I would like to accomplish in semester 2. Academically, I would like to focus on my writing skills in order to receive better results in my classwork and have a better preparation for the AP Literature test at the end of the year. In terms of turning in work for the class, I would like to improve on my time management skills to balance my classwork with my after school activities. 

AND Choose 1:

Something I would like my teacher to know is. . . .

This semester I was struggling to get into the right start into this course. After taking AP Lang in junior year I wanted to push myself further to continue to grow as a learner in a humanities course as well as attain a higher knowledge into the depths of literature. Coming into this course later than others already put me behind the other students and raised my stress. Even though I was struggling to get started, learning about poetry in Unit 1 reminded me of how much I love literature and that the class would be really fun for me. As we continued learning about poetry and into short stories, my knowledge expanded to continue my love of learning for literature. I have struggled this semester for a few reasons. College applications were really stressful for me especially since I am applying to theatre school. Having many extra applications to turn in with the common app as well as the audition video process I couldn’t balance my school work and the college process. Secondly, with all the performing arts I have been taking this semester, put me into a really difficult position to keep my health up. Because I participate in most of the performing arts, I had attended many late night concerts/shows as well as I went to APAC which made me miss the month of November. November was probably the most stressful I have ever been since I missed most of Unit 2. We had a conference at the beginning of December and I remember us discussing about managing my time. Even though I would be gone for most of February because of auditions and APAC, I will try my best to keep up with the work. After all, I don’t give up, especially on a course I really wanted to take when I signed up in Junior year. I know this semester has been hectic to turn in my assignments but I still want to finish the semester and the end of the year strong. I am very sorry for all of this commotion but I am going to push through to try my best and keep on enjoying this course that I wanted to take. 

U2 SS Answer/Ask Discussion Post

Answering Marcus’ Question: In hills like white elephants, how does the author lead the reader toward his central idea without explicitly saying it?

Through the use of diction and dialogue between the two characters, the reader can infer what the decisions and choices that the woman has made by giving hints about her “abortion.” We acknowledge this through the conversation that the man and the girl have on the train. Major hints such as “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig” and “I’ll go with you and I’ll stay with you all the time. They just let the air in and then it’s all perfectly natural,” captures the readers attention to acknowledge this abortion that the girl wants to have. As the conversation progresses, we see that the man is awfully concerned with the whole procedure and wants to take care of the girl as much as possible. The author also drops hints in the setting that he places the girl and the man in. Taking place in the early 1920s, the author sets the scene for the relationship between the man and the woman as a couple on a train heading to their destination. “Across, on the other side, were fields of grain and trees along the banks of the Ebro. Far away, beyond the river, were mountains. The shadow of a cloud moved across the field of grain and she saw the river through the trees.” This cinematic view is a metaphor that the author describes of the life the couple could’ve had as a family.

Question: In Hills like White Elephants, how do we know that the girl is going to either go or not go through this procedure?

APL: U2: “Values” Discussion Post (F) (25 min.)

The short story “You’re Ugly, Too” by Lorrie Moore takes place in the American Midwest talking about the social norms that women are defined in society. We see the protagonist, Zoe, gives off a weird impression to the reader from the way she acts and talks to others. Zoe has been teaching American History at a University and with her attitudes and immoral values, her lessons and the way she talks to her students refuse the true acts of how to be a respectable woman. There is also a place where women in society are supposed to be dressed in a certain way. Her values attack this view that everyone needs to be like “Heidi.” “You were never to say you weren’t fine thank you and yourself. You were supposed to be Heidi. You were supposed to lug goat milk up the hills and not think twice.” (192) Her passive voice and tone fault Zoe into becoming this so-called “Heidi” in not only the way she speaks but the way she looks too. “But soon she came to realize that all men, deep down, wanted Heidi. Heidi with cleavage. Heidi with outfits.” (193) Men’s lack of interest in her takes Zoe’s beauty away from her since she doesn’t dress a certain way. Her sister, Evan, has got a perfect lifestyle in her wealth and her upcoming marriage. She invites Zoe to one of her party’s, and it seems that with her unamused interest in the men she has been with, she gave no respect when she was paired with Earl. Her extended sarcasm and irony in her dialog portrayed a message that society had only one view about how women are being portrayed, and if they weren’t following these norms, men’s power can ostracize women’s moral values.