VADT Foundation reflection – Gesture drawings

You are to choose four drawings, what should your criteria for selection be? List your criteria.
Good proportions
Proper angles
Realistic features
Identifiable pose
I have chosen drawings 3, 6, 8, 9

Why these, How did they meet the criteria
They met the criteria because the bodies have good proportions when it comes to the limbs, there are no features that are unrealistically big or small, the angle is correct so they don’t look distorted, and the viewer is able to see what they are doing.

Select your first drawing, then three others, that shows the changes that happened.
On my first drawing, my angles were very off and the shoulders were drawn in a distorted way. Then for drawing 2, while my angle was okay, my proportions for the body were very miscalculated. For drawing 4 it was still a little off with the proportions. And finally, with drawing 9, I was able to fix both of those learning curves.

Reflect on your journey and your learning as you experimented with gesture drawing.
It was quite confusing at first, and I had no idea what to do, but I gradually became more comfortable with it and it became a lot of fun.

In what type of situation would you use gesture drawing?
Just a quick sketch, not needing to add details but just needing to capture a pose.

Thinking back over the lesson, what have you learnt?
I have learnt about how I should start with the head, then the spine, then highlight the main parts of the body such as the elbows and knees before moving onto the hands and legs. I have also learnt that gesture drawings are quick and it’s okay if they’re not neat.

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