Contour Still Life summative

• What are some of the key elements that made you decide on the chosen composition?
I liked how the two chalices were similar but different. They were similar in the sense of the basic shape, but they were so different with detail so they were both interesting in their own ways. I thought it made my image very unique, but still satisfying.
• What is the focal point of your piece?
The focal points of my piece are the two chalices, they’re the focal points because they line on the lines of the thirds going vertically.
• What were some of the techniques you used to make the objects look 3 dimensional and how do you feel you were successful in achieving this?
I made the outline of the big objects thicker, and kept the details thinner. I think I was successful in achieving this because it added necessary contrast between the overall shape versus the finer details. The eye first goes to the shape, then the detail, so it’s the same as if looking at the object in real life.
• What were some of the main challenges you had when working on the piece? 
The main challenges I had were the small details, but also going with the flow. Being a perfectionist is tough because I want to focus on every small thing before looking at the big picture, so it was hard to first to an overall sketch, then work smaller, rather than do both the big and small at the same time.
• How did you overcome these challenges?
I overcame these challenges by just relaxing and enjoying the environment I’m in. Although virtual school is not ideal, especially for the art summative. However, a benefit to the project was that I was able to work in an environment that I’m more comfortable, so I wasn’t so uptight when drawing. Therefore, I was able to enjoy the process more rather than stress about everything.
• What are your top 3 tips for next year’s students doing this project?
First one is to go with the flow, nothing is going to look perfect at first, so just take everything with a grain of salt. Second, enjoy the process, I never thought I would enjoy drawing as much as I have, so really just take the new experience in. Third, don’t stress the small stuff, the drawing isn’t supposed to be perfect, it’s the first one of the year, so therefore use it getting comfortable.
• How have you grown as an artists
I have not only grown in my knowledge of art, but also in my appreciation of it all.
• Was the journey (project) relatively easy or hard? and why?
For me, it was relatively hard, and although I enjoyed the process, I found it difficult to go in a different process than what I would personally do. I would have done it bit by bit, instead of doing it all in pencil then all marker. Also, since I’m relatively new at art, it was just pretty difficult to draw the objects.
• Which techniques did you try, and which did you feel were successful, and which were not so successful?
Techniques I tried included rule of thirds as well as changing the thickness of certain parts. I felt that although the rule of thirds kind of applied in my drawing, because my objects were parallel to the vertical lines, they didn’t have important features at the intersection points, so it didn’t really work. However, I think that changing the thickness was successful in the overall image and helped make the objects look more 3 dimensional.
• How do you think you could improve on your final Still Life Contour Drawing?
I feel like if I added a black background behind the plant, it could’ve helped add more contour.

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