VADT Logo& Branding Project

1. Images of your mind maps

2. 24 Initial design ideas

3. 18 Design development

4. Colour choices/swatches, with hexadecimal numbers

5. Screenshot of the iPad showing the layers for your black & white logo

6. Screenshot of the iPad showing the layers for your colour logo

7. Final black & white logo.jpg

8.Final colour logo.jpg

9. Reflection:
My logo reflects who I am because it shows my hobbies and interests, all while depicting my view on life. It shows that not only do I enjoy music, it shapes how I view everything else. It shows how I view other interests, all flowing together in my life, like music.
Three words to describe my logo: Contrast, movement, shape. I used these words because I utilized contrast by choosing to draw in white over a black background, rather than the usual which is the other way around. For movement, my choice to draw curved lines all pointed diagonally upwards shows movement throughout my logo, onwards and upwards! And as for shape, I think my use of big circles in contrast to the small lines highlights the key moments in my logo.

What part of the process did you enjoy the most? The technical/digital or hand drawn aspect?
I think that the process I enjoyed the most was the technical/digital aspect, I think that although I enjoy drawing on paper, drawing on my iPad was a new and fun experience. I think that I found it easier because I prefer the aesthetic it provides, it makes the drawings very clean and modern looking.

What were the pros and cons of drawing by hand and on the ipad
A pro, as stated above, was I enjoyed the process more. I liked being able to easily adjust and make changes to my progress, without disrupting other aspects of the piece. For example, if I did this project on paper, it would probably be ruined by eraser marks. However, a con to the project was I feel I chose the wrong software to use. I found it difficult to navigate and control, so I often found myself irritated at the app.

Do you actually like your logo?
In all honesty, although I don’t necessarily dislike my logo, if I were to do the project again, I would probably go in a different direction. I think that it reflects me well, but I would prefer a different style. But I’m still proud of it!

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