Mystery Mania Presentation: Live Character


All the seventh grade students had read a mystery book, and this was their chance to make one of their mystery characters come alive – for the camera!

The character of April Corrigan from the novel Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan was (energetically) portrayed by Dana Brown.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.40.16 AM

Voice was a strong element in giving life to the character and to the presentation.Dana’s voice was loud and clear. She portrayed the character well and spoke like the character would. She made sure that the class heard her clearly by articulating when she spoke. She didn’t speak in a monotone and had many different expressions. When she spoke, the flow of it all was consistant, and didn’t have periods of time where she forgot what to say. Her voice was loud enough to grab the audiences attention and make them want to listen.

The physical character was developed through costume, use of space and thoughtful body language. Dana portrayed the character very well throughout body language and costume. Dana wore what she imagned the character wearing, she took certain traits right out of the text. She used her space very well, she didn’t stand in one place the whole time, but she also didn’t move too much to make the audience dizzy. She used useful hand gestures to add more detail to ideas that she wanted to emphasize on. She engaged the audience by making eye contact and interacting with them. She brought the character alive and became a totally different person once she put on that wig.

Even though the time limit was strictly adhered to, setting, character and conflict were clear and still met the time limit. When we were assigned this project, we were told we had a limit of 2 minutes. And you could tell that Dana practised a lot to get around that time because she got all the ideas out, which were very clear and well said, and she managed to do it all in one minute and fifty-nine seconds. She could’ve talked more about the time period, but the good thing was she at least dropped some hints. She told us about the setting, conflict, and extra characters, all while she was maintaining the time and pace she was doing it all at.