Reviews on Code Talkers

I think this book was informational about the war and how Navajos were treated but showed they can actually help make a difference.


I think that the book had sort of a slow start, but soon got very interesting when World War II started. I completely agree with this review, I think that this review sums up the book perfectly. People all around the world are treated like outcasts, they are treated differently then other people are, just like the Navajo’s were in this book. But really, everyone has something special about them, and sometimes that special aspect of someone can come in handy, maybe even saving lives, just like the Navajo’s and their distinct language. I have this saying that I think fits this book. “It’s okay to be a glow stick, sometimes we need to break before we shine.” This saying reminds me of the book because people made the Navajo’s life horrible and treated them very badly, but in the end they were some of America’s heros because they used their language to help the Allies win World War II.

Six hats reflection

Today in class we had a six hats book talk on Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. A six hats talk is when there are questions are six separate pieces of paper, each piece of paper represents a hat. When you are given a certain hat, you answer the questions that it on the piece of paper. In that talk I leaned that someone really liked the mom as a character. But we all disagreed because we felt that the mom was the antagonist. Another person thought that the text font was too big and felt it was an easy read, too easy. But overall I felt that we did a good job today. We didn’t get that off topic and when we did, we quickly regained our focus.

Book group talk Reflection

Today our book club met up and talked about the four C’s on the book Chinese cinderella. I think that our book group did not do a good job with our discussion today. I feel that we got off topic a lot and started talking about other things. I feel that when we meet tomorrow, we should try not to get off topic. But we did learn some things that we didn’t think about before. In the connections part, I learned that one person connected to the story by saying when he was little, he wanted lots of stuff, but never got it in the end. Another person said that she helped her friend get through family problems. Another person related it to home alone. The last person said that she related it to Harry Potter. In the Challenges part, we all had the same thing except one person, they said that they challenged the way that the mom acted. In the concept part, we all had the same thing. And in the Changes part, some of us talked about the mom, and some of us talked about Minli. Even though we got off topic a lot, I feel that we had a pretty good discussion and we said everything we needed to say. I am looking forward to tomorrows discussion.


Amanda was in the dog house with her parents because she didn’t clean up the kitchen after making lunch. She decided to go with the flow and head up to her room because she knew it was a done deal. Her friends kept calling her to see if she could hang out, but she said no. Until one of her friends said that there was a party going on and she was invited. She really wanted to go but she knew that her parents would say no, so she snuck out the back door while her parents were watching TV. She got to the party and decided to play it by ear because everyone looked like they were having lots of fun. Before she knew it, it was 3 am. She ran home to find her parents waiting for it. She got yelled at and was told to get her act together. But she didn’t mind. She had a lot of fun at that party.