Boiling Point #2 – Differing Volumes

1) At what temperature does water boil?

Water boils at around 100 degrees C or around 212 degrees F.

2) What effect, if any, does the amount of water in the beaker have on the boiling temperature of water? (Look at the class Google doc where everyone has entered their data to help with this question)

The beakers with less water boil faster and the beakers with more water takes more time to boil.

3) Does the temperature of the boiling water increase, decrease, or remain the same after the water has boiled for two minutes? If there was a change, why do you think so?

The temperature decreases because when the liquid turns into gas, it takes energy away from the liquid to put into the gas. Also, if you look at my teams individual chart, it starts going down a tiny but.

Here is our class data.

Here is our teams individual chart