Density and Slope Lab

1) The mass is around 33 grams from my graph

2) The mass is 16 grams from my graph

3) Aluminium is more dense so would have a greater mass.

4) Aluminium has a steeper slope.

5) Yes. Because the steeper slope means that the aluminium has a greater mass

for the same volume compared to the plastic. The slope is your density.

6) The plastic is less dense because the plastic has a less steeper slope than the

aluminium. Which means that it has less mass for any particular volume.

7) 1st aluminium: 3.884  g/cm3         2nd Aluminium: 2.269   g/cm3

3rd aluminium: 2.301  g/cm3                  4th aluminium: 2.323  g/cm3

1st Plastic: 2.028  g/cm3                       2nd plastic: 1.195  g/cm3

3rd plastic: 1.233    g/cm3                       4th Plastic: 1.204  g/cm3



1) Density is mass divided by volume. Density is how tightly packed it is. For example, if you had a kilogram of feathers and a kilogram of aluminium. They would have the same mass, but the feathers takes up more volume. But overall, the aluminium is more dense and tightly packed.

2) Gases are less dense than solids and liquids at room temperature.

3) Temperature affects the density of a material because when the temperature increases, the

some materials expand.

4)1.55g/mL is the density.

5)96.12g is the mass.

6)The material is Gold