CYOA Self Reflection

This is the Link To our CYOA story:

Overall, I think that our CYOA story got AE/ME because I don’t think that we actually finished the research post, but we were half way through the third one. But in the actual story, I think that we did a pretty good job and overall, I think that we¬†deserved an ME because we worked really hard and we feel really good about it. Also, I feel that we related to our text pretty well. One thing that we could work on is that we could research more about our topic and we could add even more information to make our story better!

In the future, I think that Ella and I worked really well together, we agreed on all ideas, and when we disagreed, we would come up with a knew idea that we were both okay with. Something we could work on is that after we wrote each page, we could have asked the other person to read it over and gave the other person feedback, the only reason I say this is because when we did give each other feedback, it was the last day and we didn’t have time to make all the changes.

Another reason I think that we got ME was because a lot of people didn’t finish their story on time, but we did, actually, we finished before it was due, and that gave us time to revise and edit some pages. Also, we worked really hard in class, for example, when we didn’t do our story map, in fifteen minutes, we managed to create over 30 branches because we buckled down and really focused. Also, at home, we worked really hard. We split the story mountain in half and we each did one half, and if one of us was finished before the other one, the one who was finished wrote on the others half.

But one reason I can see us getting AE is because we didn’t do our research very well. I don’t think that we actually finished our research document, and we didn’t add a lot of research into our story, we actually based our story off one paragraph in a piece of research we saw. Also, we made up a lot of stuff because we didn’t really know what to write and we didn’t bother to research about it. We only based our story off one piece of information and we didn’t even weave it in that well.

If we get ME for this project I will be very happy, but if we get AE, I will understand why.