Contour Drawing Reflection

You are to choose four drawings, what should your criteria for selection be? List your criteria.
1. Clarity of gesture
2. Proportions
3. Angle
4. Accuracy of pose

Why these, How did they meet the criteria
I chose these because I feel as if they capture and exaggerate the gestures the best. Although I believe my proportions were a bit off in these, I think they ended up working with the gesture. I also think that these were the ones where I best captured the pose of the model and the gesture they were making.

Reflect on your journey and your learning as you experimented with gesture drawing.
I really enjoyed gesture drawings as it simplified drawing the human body for me. Because I was forced to take my mind off of the details, I could focus on the main shape of the body and practice that effectively. I understand now that you need to understand the big picture before you can get to the details.

In what type of situation would you use gesture drawing?
I think gesture drawing would be very valuable when drawing figures that are in action poses so that you can effectively capture their movement into your drawing. This may also be helpful when you are drawing a model who is in a complicated pose/angle because you could focus on their main pose first before getting caught up in the details.

Thinking back over the lesson, what have you learnt?
I have learned a lot about how drawing the human body works and thus have also learned how the human body, particularly the spine, can move. Like I mentioned before, I also learned that when it comes to drawing movement you need to understand the big picture before you can get to into the details.

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