Final PBL Summary

1. I most enjoyed the building process. Especially because it helped me learn a lot more about our system and it’s function. It was really interesting to start building something and then seeing it become a skeleton. I also really

2. I learned that if you are in a group with friends you have to know how to control yourself so that you don’t get distracted and you can get work done while still being with your friends.

3. Next time, one thing I would do differently is make sure we have a plan that we know will work before we start building our project. With this project we didn’t have a clear plan going into the building process.



Joint Board ^^^^^                                                                  Complete Skeleton ^^^^^^

End of Week Summary- Week 4

1. This week we accomplished quite a bit. Firstly, we completed the skull and wrapped that in clay. We also completed the spinal cord, most of the ribs, and the pelvis. Today we will work on piecing together the skeleton.

2. Next week we won’t be able to build. So, we will have to finish it today. If we had another week we would probably still be working on piecing together our skeleton and work on finishing touches.

3. We don’t need to bring any other materials in to complete our project.

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End of Week Summary – Week 3

1. This week we have accomplished most of our goals for the week. We found a new bone design to work with, we have started building numerous bones for the body and have made progress for the the skull. By the end of today’s long period we expect to be done with the skull and have our spine and part of our ribs.

2. For next week the top or our to-do list will be starting to create our pelvis. The pelvis is one of the harder structures to build so we want to make significant progress on that next week. We also will focus on creating more joints because we are worried that those may also take a long time to build.

3. We do not need to gather any materials before next class. 🙂

4. The following are photos of our bones, teeth, and part of our skullPhoto on 27-2-15 at 11.57 am #2 Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.56 am Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.58 am Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.57 am

Project Based Learning – Week 2 Update

This week we encountered some hardships because we realised our original design wouldn’t work. But towards the end of the week we came up with a new idea that we are quite confident it. Our main goal for next week is to continue building and stay on task so we can get it done soon. The good thing is that we have almost all of our materials!

Project Based Learning- Progress

  1. What have you and your group accomplished this past week?

We have gotten our materials approved, finished our research and have tried to build a practice model for one of the bones in the body.

2. What will be at the top of your “To do” list for next class

To check on our model for the bone and make adjustment to it to make it better.

3.What materials will you need to gather before next class?

More blutack and a little bit more of clay.

4. Post a picture of your model as it stands today (design plan or actual model)

I do not have a photo of our model yet.