Sketchbook Post

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.53.41 PM

This is the sketchbook I made. I used 10 pieces of A3 paper, white string and 2 pieces of A4 card-stock. First, I used taped the card-stock together, leaving some space in the middle so none of the pages would stick out. I then lined up the papers the way I wanted and on the back,  I marked 3 cm. apart holes and started to make the holes. But instead of using a hole puncher like last year, I used a nail a hammer to make the holes. It was definitely a lot more work, but I think the feeling you get if you work hard on something and it comes out looking how you want it is the best. Then, I stitched the binding to secure the book. It was pretty hard to get the fairly big needle into tiny holes, but I somehow managed. I then sketched the cute cat pile from a picture I saw on the internet and absolutely adored.

I think the benefits of creating your own sketchbook are that you have something you can take pride in and well, show off. It’s a great way to personalise things to make it your own and for other people to get to know you since people usually put things that they’re interested in on objects. It would also be good to keep and look back on when you get older.

I personally really like the design of this sketchbook so the changes I would suggest are quite minor. I would probably get bigger nails or smaller needles because it was pretty hard. Also, it would be really cool if, instead of having white string, to also have different colours. I really liked the idea of using ribbon so you could get different colours of that.

Overall, I think the construction of the notebook wasn’t too difficult, but at the same time, was a challenge. I had fun making it.