Shadow Box


The story behind my shadow box is like if Hong Kong faced corruption. The buildings are run-down and the ships are sinking. Overall, it’s just a depressing scene. However, to me, it sort of gives off a want to really cherish what we have now and to not take it for granted.

When I compare my shadow box with Hari & Deepti’s shadow box, I definitely think the biggest difference is that Hari & Deepti’s box is a lot more detailed. All the dots for the tentacles and the way the lights come specifically in the window makes the octopus stand out so much. While on the other hand, my box doesn’t just highlight one area, it’s spread out. A similarities is that the light and paper placings are really thought out. For example, I put the sinking ship where I thought it would be most illuminated. Another similarity is that all the pieces are somehow related to the scene. The pieces all help show a different part of the scene, whether it be a minor or major detail.

I think some achievements from the shadow box are how the placement of each piece compliments the whole box. I tried to make all the pieces show a mini story, and I think it worked. I feel like I should’ve made more broken buildings and a more dramatic appearance. It seems as if after a while, the shadow box gets a bit boring and doesn’t show a strong message. So next time, i’m going to try to deliver a stronger message.

Hari & Deepti’s Octopus Shadow Box:Hari & Deepti - Black Book Gallery_Page_15