Unit 2: In The Process

I’ve learned a few things that China went through during and after Mao Zedong ruled, like the one-child policy. I also learned a lot about mapping and geography and how the landforms affected China’s lifestyle.

I’m aiming for a Bartolome De Las Calas Badge. To achieve this, I will make sure I really understand what the key words are and the main points of the unit.

My goal from Unit 1: Reflection  is to really take my time and reread the chapter. Also I wanted to make sure I understood all the key terms and would transfer them into my everyday work. I think this goal is being kept up, but slowly. I study the key terms, however I have yet to use them in my everyday work.

I think the conferences went better than I planned. Especially since I thought my grades weren’t very good. In the conference, I grew a deeper understanding of what a “key term” really was. We also discussed about doing a few activity sheet on “key terms”. Overall, I thought it was a good conference.



Link: Test and Study Tips

Occupy Hong Kong News

The Police Fought Back

The protesters all started to hand umbrellas to the front of the protest when the police started to fire pepper spray. Police started to throw explosive blasts of stinging smoke on the streets. However, because of this, more people started to support pro-democracy.

I was quite shocked to find out that the police started to use tear gas and pepper spray. I knew the protest was really crowded but I didn’t know they got rowdy. It surprises me how well the protesters cooperated and helped each other.

I’m a bit confused as to what stinging bombs are, are they tear gas? I want to learn more about how the protest affected families, schools, the world, lives and businesses. I also want to know more about why some people are saying, even if they protest, it won’t change anything.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/10/world/asia/hong-kong-protests.html


Unit 1: Reflection

I learned much more about geography and maps, which used to be one of my worst subjects. We learned about landforms, location, legends, longitude, latitude and compass roses.  Before this unit, I didn’t know where Europe was and what the biggest to smallest continents were.  However, now when I look back at my thinking, I laugh.

One of the questions from the survey was, what was your favourite part of this unit?  My answer was, the learning/review games. I really liked the games because they persuaded me to study and memorize key terms from the two chapters.

I got the Gold Ferdinand Magellan Badge. I would definitely agree with this badge because I’m not an expert on the subject but i’m still catching on. I understand most of the unit and all of the key words.

One strategy that didn’t work last unit was the packets with all the cards. Some of the packet really helped me but some of it just confused me. One strategy that worked last unit was writing the notes because it helped me go over all the information from the unit.

A goal I have for unit 2 is to really take my time and reread the chapter. Also I want to make sure I understand all the key terms and transfer them into my everyday work.

Link: http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/?ar_a=1