“Reinventing Myself” 8th Grade Album




“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

I picked this song because it’s how I felt the majority of the year. The lyrics of this song are so relatable to many of my days, but this year especially. That’s because I realise how important these next few years are for the rest of my life, and reality sort of sets in, and I get stressed out when I see the road ahead of me.


“Letting Go (놓아 놓아 놓아)” by DAY6

Yes, I picked a KPOP song, but the reason why I picked it was not really about the meaning of the song. This song represents my new obsession with KPOP music, which is a very important milestone for me, even though I barely understand any Korean. This particular song is one of my favorites, and it’s constantly stuck in my head.


“Social Casualty” by 5 Seconds of Summer

‘Social casualty’ means a victim of society, which is how I felt at some parts of this year. It felt suffocating, like everyone’s expectations were piling up on top of me and I could never reach them. I love this song so much because in those three precious minutes, it gives me a pep talk. It tells me to not give up and just settle for average, but instead, pursue my own dreams and be free of the expectations that other people push onto me.


“Sing” by Pentatonix

Singing has always been a big part of my life, it helps me cope through hard times, celebrate the good times, or vent out the angry times. This song really puts those feelings into words and celebrates the joy singing brings. So why does this song represent this year? That’s because Ms. Bechdoldt, our amazing choir teacher, is leaving, and when I hear this song, it immediately reminds me of her. She’s taught me to love my voice and I’m super thankful for that.


“Purpose” by Justin Bieber

This song is one I hold very close to my heart because it represents my family and friends. If not for them, this year would’ve been unbearable. I couldn’t possibly ask for better friends or family than what I have now and this song sums up that message. I owe everything to them.


“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

I feel like middle school to high school is where we find our true friends. That’s why I picked this song. Throughout the year, I’ve made quite a few friendships, but I’ve broken a lot as well. When I listen to this song, it always makes me think of the friendships that didn’t last, and leaves me with a small sad feeling of “what if?”. What if we stayed friends? Then I realise that I let the friendship go for a reason, and despite anything else, it was for good.


“A.M.” by One Direction (Sped up due to Copyright Issues on YouTube.)

When I made more friends/talked to old friends this year, we always ended up talking until really late or for a really long time. And in that time, I got to really know and understand them. In the end, we never really knew what we were saying or doing, but even then, I valued those little conversations.


“I Lived” by OneRepublic

Throughout this year, I’ve had my ups and downs, but the most important part is that I persevered. I was alive, not just there and breathing, but truly alive, doing the things I wanted to do and pursuing my dreams. I took the pain I felt and used it to push myself further, to motivate me to do even more. This song is a way of celebrating the things I’ve accomplished and what I hope to achieve.