(m) INP [January #2] The Maze Runner Timeline

“If you ain’t scared… you ain’t human.” – Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. Somerset: Chicken House, 2014. Print.




    • Thomas wakes up in the Box arriving at the Glade, with everything but his name forgotten.
    • He befriends Chuck and Chuck teaches him about how the Glade is run.
    • Thomas runs into the Maze, which he is not allowed in, and saves Alby and Minho when they don’t make it out of the maze in time.
    • After surviving this night, he learns that Grievers aren’t immortal.
    • He becomes a Runner, receives punishment for breaking rules, and befriends with Minho.
    • The first girl ever in the Glade, Teresa, shows up and triggers “the end”.
    • One day, Thomas and Minho follow a map and discover the Griever Hole.
    • Teresa and Thomas decipher the Maze’s code to enter the Griever Hole.
    • Thomas gets stung by a Griever so that he can receive the Serum and regain some of his memories from before he woke up in the Box.
    • After recovering, he learns more about himself and how to use the code, after that, he helps lead the boys to their escape.
    • When they do escape, some people are killed by Grievers, but most still manage to escape.
    • They enter the WICKED lab, and armed people start firing. Chuck sacrifices himself to save Thomas, and other people come to “save” them.