Unit 2: In The Process

I’ve learned a few things that China went through during and after Mao Zedong ruled, like the one-child policy. I also learned a lot about mapping and geography and how the landforms affected China’s lifestyle.

I’m aiming for a Bartolome De Las Calas Badge. To achieve this, I will make sure I really understand what the key words are and the main points of the unit.

My goal from Unit 1: Reflection  is to really take my time and reread the chapter. Also I wanted to make sure I understood all the key terms and would transfer them into my everyday work. I think this goal is being kept up, but slowly. I study the key terms, however I have yet to use them in my everyday work.

I think the conferences went better than I planned. Especially since I thought my grades weren’t very good. In the conference, I grew a deeper understanding of what a “key term” really was. We also discussed about doing a few activity sheet on “key terms”. Overall, I thought it was a good conference.



Link: Test and Study Tips