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I enjoyed a lot about the Champions project, but I think that the thing i enjoyed most was the press conference because I found it fun to dress up as my person, Maria Tallchief and to present and answer the questions in front of the class.

I think the thing that helped me learn the most during the unit was watching videos of Maria dance because even though there wasn’t much about her personality online, I could almost infer and see her personality in her dancing.

I think that the most challenging part about this whole unit was writing as Maria because of the fact that I did not know much about her in real life. There weren’t many interviews with her which which would have helped learn about her. Overall I think I did pretty well writing in her shoes with the information I had.

I think I would just look over and edit my pieces more thoroughly especially my journal entry and timeline because they were not well edited and not my best work when the easily could have been. My timeline grade was also brought down because of the fact that I didn’t look at my work carefully.

If I could do this unit again I would definitely choose a more well known and more documented person because it was hard to find information about her, (I am forever grateful for Maria’s book) and I also found myself having to repeat myself and completely reintroduce myself to every single person during the gallery. It may have been a bit easier if people knew my person beforehand and if there was more information about her.

I suggest that next year Mr. Pierce lengthens the deadlines for the map and timeline a little more because not everyone has loads of time after school every day and I felt like something was due every week. I also feel that he should lengthen the time between when the drafts and finals are dues because some people have to put more work or even restart for the final product after the feedback.

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