Romeo And Juliet

What have you learned about the contrast between you and you parents’s answers on the “perfect mate” worksheet?  Me and my parents answers are quite similar actually. The only difference was that I wrote a little bit more about appearance than my parents did. I have about three traits that have something to do with appearance or body but my parents don’t have anything. But as it goes for the personality traits, me and my parents answers are quite similar. We all wrote caring and funny. I also do not think I wrote every single trait I would really want, and realised I forgot some when I looked at my parents side. I think that personally me and my parents have the same outlook on life and on what a good partner would be.   Romeo And Juliet Act 1, Scene 1 in my words. There was a fight between the Montague and Capulet families. The Prince than heard about the disturbance and rode in to confront the people. The families were let off the hook, but the Prince said they would be punished by death if another disturbance came. Romeo comes back from being at the tree and finds out about the feud, but he does not know what family was involved. He than get angry with his father for displaying hate. Romeo And Juliet Act 1, Scene 2 in my words. Paris asks Juliet’s father  if he can marry he, but he thinks she is too young. So, the father tells Paris to win over her heart and invited him to the feast at the ball. Romeo And Juliet Act 1, scene 3 in my words Juliet’s mother tries to confront her about wedding to Paris. Juliet does not want to love him though. The maid is also interrupting making it much harder for the mother to get her point across. Juliet tries her best to hide her pain because she does not want to get married so early   Romeo And Juliet Act 1, scene 4 Mercuto tries to get Romeo to come to the kings feast, but Romeo doesn’t want to go because he had a dream of an untimely death. Mercuto than makes fun of Romeo for his foolish ways, and eventually gets Romeo to go to the party   Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 5 Romeo and Juliette are at the ball, and Juliette immediately catches Romeo’a eye. Romeo dances with Juliette, and they begin to fall in love. Meanwhile, people know that he is from the house of Montage. Romeo and Juliette kiss twice, but Juliette is meant to be Paris’s wife. Act 2, Scene 1 After the feast is over, Romeo runs away from his friends and climbs the wall of Juliet’s house to try to go back to her. Romeo And Juliette Act 2, Scene 2 Romeo shows up at Juliette’s house and finds her sitting on her window. The start kissing a lot and proclaiming how much they love each other. In the end, Juliette decides to send a messenger to decide the time of when they will marry. Than, they say a very long goodbye. R+J Act 2, scene 3 Romeo meets with Frier Laurence  and asked to be wed with Juliette. He at first laughs because of the fact that he moved on from Rosalyn so quickly, but than decided to wed them despite their family feud. Act 2 scene 4 The maid tries to approach Romeo but is faced with many young men. They begin to make fun of her clothing and she fights back. It eventually turns into a full blown street war. Once Romeo ends it, the maid takes him into a church to tell him when they will wed. She than gets excited and tells Romeo about when she was a child. Act 2 scene 5 The nurse comes back to Juliet’s home to deliver the news, but she tries not to tell directly. Juliet gets upset when she won’t tell her, and finally the nurse delivers the news that she will be married at Frier Laurence’s cell in the afternoon. Act 2 scene 6 Romeo and Juliet meet at the church to get married. They kiss a lot and than get married. The priest tells romeo to love moderately. Act 3 scene 1 Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight, but instead mercucio accepted it. After a while of sword fighting, Tyballt killed mercucio. Then, Romeo got so mad that he fought against Tybalt. He ended up winning, killing Tybalt. Romeo’s friends try to get him away from the scene as he is very dazed. Act 3 scene 2 The two houses fight for who should be punished for the deaths. The unfair decision is that Romeo will be punished.Romeo is banished from the land. He gets to spend one more night with Juliet, but than has to leave. Act 3 Scene 3 Juliette is crying about Romeo (her mother thinks its about Tybalt) and is told the news of her marriage to Paris to try to cheer her up. She obviously does not like this news and starts crying and wailing. Her father comes up to scold her for her refusal. Act 4 scene 1 Juliette goes to Frier for help. There she finds Paris who reminds her of their wedding. Once Juliette and Frier get into privacy he gives her a potion that will make her sleep for 42 hours without a pulse. She is directed to take it the night before the wedding. The plan hopes that the wedding will be called off and Romeo will come to take her away. Act 4 scene 2 Juliette tells her father that she want to get married to Paris and he moves the wedding up a day. So, Juliet drinks the potion once her nurse and Mother leave her alone.

Act 4 scene 3

Juliette drink the potion and there is a funeral the next day in replace of a wedding. Romeo’s servant, Balthasar goes from Mantua to Verona to spy on Juliette. He sees the wedding and passes the mail man carrying the letter warning Romeo that she is not dead.

Act 5 scene 1

Romeo hears of Juliette’s death and races back to verona with his servant.

Act 5 scene 2

Romeo visits Juliet’s tomb and sees her. He decides to kill himself and drinks the poison. He than dies next to her. Than, Juliet wakes up and Frier Laurence is by her side. She realises that Romeo is dead and looks for leftover poison. She does not find any so instead stabs herself with Romeos dagger. They die next to each other.

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