Out of the dust

Out of The Dust, by Karen Hesse is a moving and touching book about the pain of living in the dark ditch of the Dust Bowl. This book stretches through a couple of years in the life of a farm girl named Billie Jo. It is an exhilarating, yet occasionally slow book written in the form of free write poetry. The book is in Billie Jo’s perspective, and follows her tough, poor, and lonely life. AKA on Amazon.com says: “The emotions that were expressed were very true to the actual feeling. It made me feel what they were feeling. Some parts were unexpected, and really quite sad, but in the end I think it turned out great. Overall, this is very well written and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about life during the twenties and the dust bowl.” And I completely agree. This book was completely touching and i felt like I was in the book. I also did feel that the book was very well written and well worded. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to a friend because it was touching, well written, and had a very good story line.

Teen Over scheduling paragraph

Over Scheduling in kids can cause many bad things for children and kids. They may feel stress and do poorly in school. Kids should not have too many things on there plate, and have enough time to finish work. But at the same time, under scheduling kids can lead to bordism and lack of creativity. So kids need to find the balance in between.


 Over Scheduling can cause stress and bad, unhealthy choices like drugs and bad food choices. This is because kids feel overwhelmed and feel like the only way out of the stress is to make bad choices. Kids should have plenty of free time and enough time to do homework and activities. Over Scheduling can also cause lack of choice and lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation causes the brain to function slower, and even change the brain.Kids and teens need 8-10 Hours of sleep each night. Some kids and teens claim to get only 5-6 hours! Some other people might say that overscheduling actually helps students with time management and you have less time to make bad choices. But in reality, think about food; it is easier to quickly grab a bag of unhealthy chips, than wash a whole bag of grapes. These are the kinds of small bad choices, that lead to even bigger and worse choices. About 70% of kids and teens in the US alone are overscheduled. Overscheduling causes bad things for the child and their brains.

Over Scheduling can also lead to worse and dropping grades. For good grades, you need time to study, and time to do your homework, but over scheduling can mean giving a limited time for doing so. Too many after school activities, plus too much homework is not a good combination. Not having time to finish your homework makes students feel guilty, and unaccomplished. And for now, the only job students have is school, and doing poorly in that can lead to a bad life and job. Students deserve to have a good life and good future, so over scheduling can stunt, or even stop that. On the other hand, some would say that only a little of time to do work keeps kids focused, but I would disagree because too little time can make students think they have so much more homework than they do; leading them to not want to do it. But at the same time, you do not want kids too have too much time and be under scheduled. Kids should have enough time to themselves, to do work, and to keep active.

Over scheduling of kids can also limit students to have enough time for themselves. It is important for everyone to have some down time and time to hang out, and it is especially important for teens and kids. With a busy schedule, kids may not have the time for this. The reason downtime is important is so kids can relax and cool down. Without time to cool down, kids may become stressed or even feel depressed, The reason this happens is because kids will not have the time to wind down. For example, do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed when you are overpacked? Thats how kids will feel. Over Scheduling of kids can leave no time for themselves.

Lack of sleep, time for themselves and stress, are all symptoms of an overscheduled students. These things can make school so much harder and less fun. But kids also need plenty of exercise and activities after school as well, so they need to find the balance. ANd after all, you only get a childhood once, so make it a great one.

Weekly Talk And Reflect


  1. Discuss with classmates on a team what were some things from the previous week that you did in our classes? In a team it will help to remind you of all that you have done
In science we graphed our density data. We used the application grapher on our computer and it was very easy. We also kept reading our red fleece book and we are now learning about polyester. In LA We also are learning about point of views like first person, third person, and others.
  1. Now it is your time to do a written reflection with detail about your learning last week. Use the following questions to help guide you:
I think last week was pretty good, but on friday the class was a little off task so it was hard to work. I think if we had talked less we hall would have been able to finish everything.
  • What were some of the  important learnings that you remember from last week? Give examples or how you learned them if you can.
I remember learning about enlarging shapes in math. We had and original picture, and then had to find out how the person got to the enlarged and shrunken pictures. Then we put them on a number line from 1-5.
  • If you could tell someone who is not at this school something about your learning what would it be?
I would tel them that last week we learned a lot. We learned how to enlarge and find the enlargement of numbers and how to graph your densities from displacement labs. We also are learning about ancient india which is vey cool. So learning last week was quite big.
  • What are some questions that you still have from these learnings last week?
I still have pretty much everything. SOme details are missing, but the major parts are in my head.
  • What goals do you have this week?

My goal is to get an ME on my spanish test because spanish means a lot to me and I want to do good.

Idiom Free Write

Some people say Im the spitting Image of my mom. But thats not true. OK, maybe in looks I am, but I am the complete opposite of her. I mean, she doesn’t even wear makeup! Let alone have a decent hair straightener. On the other hand, I, like to make an impression. I wear makeup everyday to school, and either straiten, curl, or crimp my hair. Even to dance class. But sure enough, it never sweat off because, I am perfect! Its a done deal. I had never made a mistake, ever. Until August 27, 2014. It was a nightmare!  As bad a dying. I literally felt like I could have died. Horrible, I know. But let me tell you the story. It was exactly 6:07 am. Time to wake up for school. It was a normal day. A Wednesday.  I woke up, eat breakfast and went to brush my teeth, and washed my face. That was when I had noticed. My $300 USD highlights were fading! I let out an ear piercing scream and quickly grabbed the at home hair dye. I slapped it on and waited for as long as I could. 6:30, 6:35, 6:40, 6:45… The bus came in 15 minutes! and I had To wash it out! i dunked my hair into the sink and washed for a few minutes. I reached my right hand for the faucet and turned It off. I lifted my head and to my horror, my hair was yellow! Yellow? Yellow. I screamed and cried and ran to my room to hide. There was no way I was going to school. Not until I got this out Of my hair.