Occupy Central


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Last week, hundreds of people gathered in Admiralty, Mon Kok, and Causeway Bay to protest. These protests are for democracy. They don’t like how Hong Kong is ruled and want CY Leung to step down and for the candidates of elections not to be pre selected. A lot of the protestors are local students who want a better and peaceful future. I think it is great that people are worried about the future of Hong Kong, but I also think it is a pain for the roads to be closed. I makes it harder for people living here to get around, and makes it hard for people to get to work. I also do not agree with the fact that the police are pepper spraying and tear gassing their own citizens. This is common in other protests, but this is a peaceful protest. There is not suposed to me any harm caused to police or civilians. I don’t understand why they feel the need to do this. I know they are just trying to get the people to move and stop getting over the barriers, but they could vocally threaten or use less harmful ways of doing this. There is no reason to be violent, as this could cause the people to fight back.


SS Unit One Reflection


Bartolome De Las Casas Badge

“Bartolomé De Las Casas.” Bartolomé De Las Casas. Wikipedia, n.d. Web. 

Bartolome de las casas was a spanish explorer who fought to free Native American slaves.


In this unit, unit one of the TCI textbook, we learned about mapping and geography. We learned about basic features in a map, like a compass rose, key, and title. We also learned about types of map projections,

On the survey, it asked what we enjoyed most about the unit, and I answered the current events game becuase it is really fun and competitive. I feel like I learn better in a competitive environment, even though that sound weird  It is aslo really fun and is almost a break from “boring” classwork.

I was awarded the Bartolome De Casas badge in the bronze tear, and I completely agree with his choice. I think I need to work on my work habits and maybe study a tiny bit harder for tests, but overall i think im doing okay. Bartolome was the badge after the first, and I think that the description is exactly what I thought about my work in class.

One learning strategy that didn’t work last unit was sitting with my friends. We were able to choose our own seats at first, and I made poor choices by sitting with people I like to talk with. This significantly lowered my work habits because I was talking and not paying attention. I think I am doing much better because of the new seating arrangement and think I will be able to improve my work habits.

My goal is to not talk to people by sitting far away from my friends and consulting Mr. Pierce if I am placed with someone I can’t work with. Seeing my work habits kind of opened my eyes and made me realize I need to work harder at keeping focused. I

Shang Dynasty Post

The Shang dynasty is believed to be very violent because of many of the creations and  found. One of the artifacts found was an axe. But the axe was very interesting. It was made out of bronze, a technology discovery then, was used for ceremony, was an art,and used for government. The first point is that it was made of bronze. This shows us that the Shang dynasty was quite developed in technology. Bronze can not be digged up from the grown or grown on trees, so the fact that they can make thing out of bronze is amazing. It is believed that many of the weapons then were made of bronze. My next point is that it was used for ceremonies. In ceremonies, the Shang people made many sacrifices. Making sacrifices showed respect and were made to important people. The axe may have been used to kill people or animals. Some of the common sacrifices found in Shang graves were humans, horses, dogs and even an elephant. The next point is that the axe may have been used for the government. Many people may have been prosecuted with death then. The axe may have been used to behead or slice into a persons body. Breaking the law lead to many, many gruesome deaths of people. Only the higher priests and government people get to use axes because the were considered very important.  These are the reasons that axes were very important in the Shang dynasty, leading for them to be very violent and cruel.

Research Post

My Question:

How is faux leather made

Keywords used to research:

Faux, Leather, How, Made, Steve, Madden

What I found out:
I found out that the Steve Madden Sales associate only makes $7.83 an hour which means that workers must be paid so many times less.

Reflection about how I approached my research and what I found out:

I had not found out much at all about Steve Maddens production and factories. I think that this could be because the worker may be paid minimun or less than minimum wage or that they do not want to show you around dirty factories.